Rice Speir provides expert and innovative advice to our clients in the following areas:

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Rice Speir is a recognised expert in dispute resolution.

Being embroiled in litigation is not a pleasant experience.  Our signature strength is working together with our clients to productively resolve litigation efficiently and painlessly.  We pride ourselves on our exceptional success rate at mediation.  We are particularly skilled at putting our client in the most advantageous position possible before mediation, and being able to persuade the other parties to agree to a compromise that benefits our client.

Rice Speir is adept at strategically representing its client’s interests at trial. 

Compliance and Enforcement

Our clients have an important role to play in ensuring regulatory standards are maintained. This is often a thankless task but one that ultimately keeps communities safe.

Our compliance and enforcement team, equipped with strategic thinking and prosecutorial experience, is well placed to assist our clients in making difficult decisions and bringing effect to them in a justifiable way.

Regulatory Advice

Rice Speir knows local government and the complexity of the challenges it faces.  We get that sometimes it is not easy to strike the right balance between engaging with the interests of the local community and ensuring that regulatory functions are fully and properly performed.

Be it the provisions of the Resource Management Act, Building Act, Local Government Act, or some other statute or regulation in the local government space, Rice Speir understands the bigger picture and will work with you to find the right answer.


Our team has a long and successful history of advising insurers on matters of indemnity and liability.  We appreciate what actually matters to our clients and use that insight to inform a robust litigation strategy.


We have acted on insurer’s instructions on matters ranging from allegations of misfeasance and professional negligence, to product liability and public liability claims.


Whatever the subject matter of the claim, our focus is the same: to draw on our vast experience as litigators to maneuver our client into a position of strength, and to then compel a satisfactory and expedient resolution of the claim.

Judicial Review

Our combination of specialist insight into local government matters and imposing dispute resolution skills make Rice Speir a perfect partner for judicial review proceedings.

We have successfully acted for some of New Zealand’s largest councils to defend challenges to their decision-making process.  Rice Speir quickly isolates the key issues for all parties and finds the best way to make complex proceedings simple.  

In all judicial review proceedings, we look forward to determining what could be learned from the proceedings to reduce the risk of similar litigation in future.


Risk Management

Rice Speir is not merely the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff.  We see our role as helping our clients prevent disputes from arising, as much as it is resolving disputes that cannot be avoided.

Our deep experience in local government matters offers our clients practical solutions to a broad cross-section of risk management issues.

Sometimes, risk management is urgently needed.  We have worked with many local authorities in times of crisis to ensure that informed decisions are made that can be justified in quieter times.  High pressure and public scrutiny do not phase us.