Certainty and Clarity

We all thrive with certainty and clarity. However, we are unlikely to have, at any point soon, the certainty or clarity that we would like. The strength of certainty around our connections with our clients has always been a significant part of the firm’s ethos and has never been more important than during this pandemic.

Every week we seem to be facing new and emerging challenges. Ongoing uncertainty and calls for transparency around our current Covid-19 restrictions is a timely reminder of the disruption a lack of clarity can cause.
Over the past few months more than ever, the challenges of ensuring and promoting cert

ainty and clarity to our client base has come to the fore. Our objective at Rice Speir has been to reinforce clear messaging around reliability and continuity to our clients and the communities within which we work. You can call it community spirit or simply looking out for one another when it counts – it’s about leading by example and sticking together.

We know this has been a testing time for many people. Through the last few months we have strengthened our commitment to clients at Rice Speir by sharing insights, knowledge and advice. We maintained solid communication using Zoom and took the opportunity to develop new communication methods for our client base, including creating a regular Podcast called “Staying Local” [add link]. Our nimble nature and youthful outlook has allowed us to come out of Covid-19 stronger than we went in.

Communicating with clarity and certainty is more important than ever. We are proud to have been able to reinforce both by listening and providing practical advice and assistance to our clients.

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